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Vetus stainless steel deck entries (aisi 316) with high-gloss polished watertight cover- ISO 8099-1

  • Vetus deck entries in stainless steel (aisi 316) with high-gloss polished watertight cover.
  • This stainless steel deck entries(AISI316) with watertight cover can also be supplied with countersunk octagon, so they can be opened and closed by means of a wich handles, which are always at hand aboard a sailboat.
  • All Vetus entries fulfils ISO 8099-1 the standard for emptying the environmental station.


Suggested price from   54.88 EUR
Online price   50.62 EUR
 VETUS   |  007-CAP-BUN

Key for stainless steel deck entries with slotted cover

  • Key for slotted deck entries. Also suitable for deck entries with an octagonal recess.
Suggested price   7.89 EUR
Online price    7.38 EUR
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 VETUS   |  007-KEY1