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Waste water systems

Good bacteria help

An odourless waste watersystem is possible!

TankFresh is a concentrate of completely organic bacteria that break down faeces in the waste water system without emitting any odour. Unlike other (chemical) products that often mask the smell, TankFresh influences the natural bacteria level in the tank over a long period of time. Developers at VETUS have shown through extensive testing, that a well-designed waste water system using TankFresh can function virtually without odour. See the product line at!

• Powerful concentrate in a convenient 500 ml dosage bottle

• One bottle used periodically is sufficient to banish odours for an entire boating season

• Completely organic, so only nature's own ingredients

• Proven reduction of odours in the tank

Many myths about odour prevention in the waste water system circulate on the pontoon and on the Internet. Frequently, the components of the system are blamed as the source and solutions that have an adverse effect on the cause of the smell are proposed. However, to get all the facts straight, the developers at VETUS have prepared a guide with tips to keep your waste water system free of odours. If you follow this guide, we guarantee an odourless waste water system!


Hoses are often blamed as the source of odours. However, this does not have to be the case if VETUS sanitary hoses are properly installed and used. When improperly installed, foul water can be trapped and damage the hose. Always install the hoses with a fall of at least 5 cm per metre and without any dips that can hold water. Flush the hoses thoroughly with sufficient water every time the toilet is used. You can test the condition of the hose by smelling a warm damp cloth that has been rubbed over the hose.


To flush the hoses sufficiently, VETUS offers a solution that includes a VETUS electric toilet. These toilets have a powerful macerator pump that ensures all waste is pumped through the hoses at high pressure. As a result, the hoses remain free of obstructions. Thanks to the efficient macerator and high output pressure, it is possible to use smaller hose diameters so that less water is needed to flush the hoses.  Buy it cheap at You can calculate how much water you need for the entire hose to be flushed through. For example, a hose with an internal diameter of 19 mm and length of 4 m: n x (19/100/2)2 x (4 x 10) = 1.1 litres.

Holding tank

There are many types of holding tanks available on the market. VETUS holding tanks are specifically designed for waste water systems. The thick walls of these synthetic tanks make them completely odour proof. The hose connection kits and fittings with watertight seals ensure that no leaks can occur. The level in the tank is visible from the outside and the WWS tank is even equipped with an ultrasonic level sensor, which can be connected to the VETUS tank management system. Empty the waste water tank on time and rinse the tank regularly. This prevents the formation of a hard sediment layer on the bottom of the tank.


Proper ventilation is the main requirement for an odourless system. Anaerobic bacteria cause the odour in the tank. These bacteria thrive without oxygen and in a poorly or unventilated tank, anaerobic decay processes occur unchecked. The counterpart of these anaerobic bacteria are aerobic bacteria. These bacteria also process waste but do this without emitting odours! Aerobic bacteria use fresh air and oxygen to survive, so to give these beneficial bacteria the upper hand, it is important that the tank is well ventilated. Use large diameter fittings and hoses supplied by VETUS for ventilation. Optionally, you can install a No-Smell filter in the ventilation hoses. Make sure that the ventilation hoses are not clogged, empty the holding tank on time, and check the hoses regularly.  Always good service and quick delivery at! If you really want to get it right, then there should be two ventilation hoses - one on either side of the boat to facilitate a natural airflow. It sounds contradictory, but the more ventilation, the fewer odours!