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Drinking water systems

VETUS Fresh water system

Clean drinking water is life's number one necessity and something that should also be of optimum quality on board. Thanks to a sophisticated choice of materials, drinking water stays useable for longer in a VETUS drinking water system.

Rigid tanks for drinking water

We offer three ranges of rigid high-grade synthetic tanks which are specially designed for use with drinking water. These are available with capacities from 42 up to 390 litres in a variety of different shapes and sizes. So, whether you need a plain simple tank, or a complete tank with pump and connections included, we have the solution. So you can order at for a formidable price!

Our "Ready-to-go" tanks are equipped as standard with an electric water pump and an ultrasonic level sensor, which accurately senses the water level without making any physical contact with it. The tank also comes complete with an inspection lid to enable easy cleaning and all connections required for the filler, suction and breather hoses. Additional connections are easily added if required.

Flexible water tanks

When space is a problem you can use a flexible tank. VETUS has many years experience in manufacturing flexible tanks and our special construction technique and durable material ensures the longest possible life span. Great product for super price here in the shop!


To create hot water when the engine is running you can install a VETUS calorifier. These double walled calorifiers have a heating surface which is 5-7 times greater than a conventional heating spiral. This means that the fresh water will heat up 5-7 times faster than with a traditional calorifier.
The engine coolant is circulated between the inner and the outer tank, which heats up the fresh water inside the inner tank. The insulation material used is of such high efficiency that the heat loss from the fresh water is only around 12°C per 24 hours.

Pressurized water system

Comparable with the piped water system at home, the VETUS pressurized water system provides a constant water flow in the vessels fresh water circuit.


To complete the system VETUS offers all accessories such as hoses, connection kits, level sensors and tank gauges. Buy here and get it quick delivered!