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Patented fuel flow system
VETUS Spin-on fuel filters, with maximum capacities ranging from 190 to 460 litres per hour, are based on a patented fuel flow system in which water and dirt is separated from the fuel before the fuel flows through the filter element. This way damage can be prevented and an easy starting, smooth running engine is guaranteed.
All VETUS Spin-on filters meet the CE (ISO 1088) and ABYC requirements (relating to installation in the engine room) and have withstand a fire test of 2,5 minutes.

Water separator/fuel filter CE/ABYC, double, 10 micron

  • Capacity:
    • 190 liter/hour
    • 380 liter/hour
    • 460 liter/hour
Suggested price from   482.03 EUR
Online price   419.46 EUR
 VETUS   |  007-753330VTEB-BUN

Vetus Spin-on fuel filters with maximum capacities from 190 to 460 litres per hour

  • Unique, patented fuel flow system
  • Increased filtering surface and efficiency by up to 5 times, compared with conventional filters
Suggested price from   183.95 EUR
Online price   163.81 EUR
 VETUS   |  007-330VTEB-BUN

Centrifugal filters with maximum capacities from 720 up to 3600 litres/hr.

  • All VETUS centrifugal filters are CE, ABYC and Germanische Lloyd certified which makes them applicable for commercial vessels.
  • This modular system may be ordered in combinations of 2 to 6 filters for engines of up to 5000 hp. The fuel inlet and outlet can be configured on the same side or opposite sides, depending on the installation requirements.
Suggested price from   1,180.23 EUR
Online price   1,026.90 EUR
 VETUS   |  007-75100VTE-BUN
Suggested price from   15.94 EUR
Online price   15.04 EUR
 VETUS   |  007-FFS0800-BUN

Mounting bracket set, M6 x 35, for fuel filters 330VTEB, 340VTEB, 350VTEB

  • Suitable for use with sound deadening materials up to 40 mm thick.
Suggested price   19.97 EUR
Online price    17.99 EUR
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 VETUS   |  007-MBSET04

Replacement fuel filter element for Vetus diesel serie VTEB & VTEPB CE / ABYC - blue

  • Fuel Filter for Vetus diesel series VTEB & VTEPB
  • 10 & 30 Micron 190 liters / hour
  • 10 & 30 Micron 380 liters / hour
  • 10 & 30 micron 460 liters / hour
Suggested price from   48.17 EUR
Online price   42.97 EUR
 VETUS   |  007-VT33EB-BUN