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Rubber exhaust hose type - D 30 - 305 mm - bending radius of no more than 1,5 x the diameter

  • Exhaust hoses with an internal diameter up to D 152 mm
  • Bending radius of no more than 1.5 x the diameter.
  • Exhaust hoses with an internal diameter of more than D 152 mm, have a bending radius of two times the diameter of the hose.
  • By virtue of this increased flexibility, valuable installation time will be saved.
  • VETUS exhaust hoses have Lloyd’s Register of Shipping approval and also meet the requirements of the SAE J2006 R2 standard.
  • They are temperature resistant between -30° and + 100°C, with brief peak temperatures of 115°C.
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Vetus Silicone hose - for exhaust, cooling and waste water - D 25 - 102 mm

  • VETUS silicone hose is made from high grade silicone rubber with woven synthetic and spiraled steel wire inlays.
  • It is suitable for a wide range of applications such as exhaust hose, cooling water hose or waste water hose.
  • Due to the smooth gloss external finish, this type of hose is ideal for use in areas where appearance and cleanliness is important.
  • The hose is extremely flexible, facilitating installation and is highly resistant against aging.
  • It has a tremendous temperature range and can be used continuously from - 54° to + 177°C (intermittently up to 250°C).
  • VETUS silicone hose meets all requirements of the ISO13363 type Class B and SAE J 2006 R1 standards.
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