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Electricity on board


Electricity on board not only has an important role in creating comfortable living conditions, but also plays a vital part in safe operations. As an obvious example, dangerous conditions can quickly develop if you cannot start your engine because of battery failure. Beyond safety issues, you want your stay on board to be as pleasant as possible, and that is dependent on reliable electrical power. To meet your power needs VETUS supplies a wide range of products that will exceed all of your expectations when it comes to electricity on board.


When high capacity power supply is needed on board, VETUS offers a range of diesel generator sets. All VETUS generators are supplied as standard with a complete exhaust systems, a water intake system and a remote control panel. See the large selection her on the Website!


VETUS batteries are specially designed for use aboard pleasure craft. This takes into account the varying seasonal demands on marine batteries. During the winter months your boat batteries will usually sit unused for a long time, often without being charged. In response to this potentially damaging reality, VETUS SMF batteries have a minimal rate of self discharge (approximately 3 % per month) and can still be relied on to start the engine when spring finally arrives. During the boating season, the batteries must be able to supply both small but constant loads and also heavy but short loads such as occur when a bow thruster or starter motor is operating.

Battery chargers and splitters

VETUS battery chargers meet all the requirements of daily use on board. In addition to battery chargers, VETUS also supplies combined battery charger/splitters, which provide optimum simultaneous charging of up to three banks of batteries. Using a charger/splitter, the batteries can be charged in the fastest and most efficient way from shore power, the genset or the engine alternator. Fitting a separate battery splitter is no longer necessary, with the clear advantage of lower cost, faster installation time, fewer cables and more space. has just what you need + large expertise and quick delivery!


VETUS Sine Wave inverters convert 12 or 24 Volt DC to 230 Volt AC. They can be used to power many items of electrical and electronic equipment including home appliances that do not exceed the inverter's maximum rating, such as computers, televisions, music centres, hair dryers and power tools. These compact and lightweight inverters produce a pure sine wave using high frequency technology and have a unique shore power connection and integral uninterruptible power supply (UPS) capability. This means that, if the genset is turned off or the shore power is disconnected or fails, then the inverter will immediately and automatically take over the power supply without the connected appliances and equipment being affected.

Solar charger

Solar power is a popular supplement to the charging system on many boats and is becoming more common as solar cell technology advances and efficiency improves. It is a relatively economical and environmental friendly way to top up your own board power supplies. The VETUS solar charger enables regulated battery charging when using solar panels. In addition to its charging function this unit can also be used for supplying other electrical equipment. All you have to do is to order at Vetus-Online!

In short: VETUS offers a wide range 'Electricity on Board' solutions. Whenever you need power, you can rely on VETUS.