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Boat seats

All seats and benches in this range are finished in maintenance free, water and UV resistant skai imitation leather, which is ideal for marine use. The skai imitation leather can also be ordered in rolls of 5 metres to match the complete boat interior to your boat seats.

Which pedestal?

Seats are supplied without pedestal. The hole patterns (R or S) in the specification tables of the seat and pedestal should match.

Seat pedestals
All pedestals are made of high grade aluminum and have a 360° rotatable swivel on top. Gas adjustable pedestals are operated with a handle. Manually adjustable pedestals have both a lock-pin with a locking position every 25 mm and a clamping knob for complete security. The sliding mechanism can be moved through 135 mm in total and locked in one of 7 positions. Large selection of Vetus products here on this Website!

Removable pedestal
With 360° swivel and recessed anodised base. Base and pedestal fit most commonly used similar systems in the market.

Quick positioning series seat pedestals
Pedestals in the quick positioning series are specially suitable for applications where multiple seating positions are used, such as in fishing boats. There are two positioning systems: a very quick clicking system and a more sturdy threaded system. The components that form a complete pedestal can be ordered separately to offer great flexibility in seating configuration. Please make sure you order a swivel, leg and base to complete the pedestal. The quick release pedestals fit seats with hole pattern type S.

All table tops are made from white synthetic material and have four cupholders incorporated. has just what you need + large expertise and quick delivery!

The table pedestals are high grade aluminium and all come with top mount and base. The unique locking systems on the threaded base ensures a sturdy table. Separate base plates make various table positions on your boat possible.