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Fuel System

Fuel Systems

The saying that a chain is only as strong as its weakest link is certainly applicable to the propulsion system on a boat. 

One of the most important links in this chain is something VETUS can truly call themselves specialists in - the fuel system. Fuel filtration: Droplets of water in fuel are the ideal carriers of dirt, rust and micro-organisms through narrow pipes. One small drop of water may cause blockage of the fuel pump, cutting off of the fuel supply and result in poor starting or rough running. Water may also be the cause of rust in the fuel pump and the injectors. Modern common rail injection systems, operating at very high pressures and with very narrow tolerances, are particularly sensitive to water and dirt in the fuel. 

Fuel tanks in boats often contain some water, which seeps in whilst filling, or which is formed by condensation. The tank also usually contains more dirt contamination than the fuel filter on the engine can handle. Trapped and stale water becomes an ideal breeding place for micro-organisms which create dark sludgy substances. 

A VETUS fuel filter / water separator fitted between the tank and the fuel lift pump will prevent damage to the engine and ensure easy starting and smooth running. These filters are split into 2 major groups: Spin on filters and centrifugal filters.

Complete tanks: VETUS supplies tanks in various sizes, with or without fittings. All components from the deck filler to the engine and everything in between are all available in our range 

The VETUS 'Splash Stop' was developed specifically to prevent the environment being affected by the spillage of fuel in the water, as well as fulfilling the current CE and ABYC regulations.

Why VETUS fuel systems?
There are many reasons to choose a VETUS fuel system

• The VETUS 'Splash Stop' protects the environment by preventing unwanted fuel spillages

• Our fuel tanks are made from synthetic material, resulting in less condensation and no corrosion

• All VETUS fuel tanks come ready for easy installation and include a flange with bolt holes for the gauge sender

• Fuel filters have a CE and ABYC approved clear bowl

• Our patented full-flow system give VETUS fuel filters up to five times larger filtering surface

• VETUS fuel filters have O-ring sealing for leak-free element replacement

• The VETUS 'fuel-safe' provides complete low cost protection against fuel theft