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Around the engine

Engine and around the engine

Your engine is the heart of your boat, but VETUS can also supply you with all the engine accessories needed to keep your engine running smoothly. The VETUS range includes complete exhaust systems consistingg of a waterlock, silencer, gooseneck, transom connector and exhaust hose, wich are suitable for every kind of boat. We also offer complete propeller shaft systems, including a flexible coupling wich ensure optimum vibration damping and comfort. Vetus has exactly what you need + Excellent customer service and fast delivery! VETUS propeller shafts are made from high quality, Remanit 4462, wich is a grater tensile strength and higher corrosion resistance than AISI 316 stainless steel. VETUS can not only recommend the right propeller shaft system, but also the correct propeller for your boat. For engines with intercooling, a water filter should be installed between the raw water intake and the engine to provent weeds or other contaminants from entering the heat exchanger. VETUS supplies a wide range of water filters with transparent lids making them easy to inspect and clean. Our model FTR470 is exeptionally easy to install, with a lid that cannot becoome stuck.

VETUS recommends that an anti-siphon vent is installed if the injection point of the cooling water into the exhaust is less than 15 cm above the waterline. Without this, boat owners run the risk of the exhaust system filling with water by siphon action when the engine is stopped, entering the engine and causing serious or catastrophic damage. VETUS has a wide range of anti-siphon devices available. In addition to air for combustion, the engine also needs ventilation to allow radiated heat to dissipate. The VETUS range of ventilation ports, available in many different sizes, are ideal for this use.

In short, VETUS has the solutions for a complete engine installation, with all parts covered by a 3 year warranty and a worldwide dealer network. All yuo have to do is order your new engine at Vetus-Online!



Marine Diesel Engines

Most pleasure boat owners long for the moment they can set foot aboard. Work is firmly forgotten and other worries vanish into the
air. Their sense of happiness is complete, when the engine come to life with a healthy roar. The owner of a motor or sailing boat with a
VETUS engine is in a position to enjoy every moment on the water to the max. And that is the way it should be: check the oil and water, turn the key, let go the lines and off you go! Irrespectively of whether you own a sturdy twin cylinder with sail drive or a whispering six cylinder beauty, a VETUS Diesel will be your faithful companion. To complement each marine engine in the range, VETUS also offers a well thought out and complete package of "around the engine" products; from the engine remote control to the fuel filter and the propeller shaft to the exhaust system.

VETUS is proud to present the completely redesigned range of M-line marine diesel engines, suitable for many different types of boats such as sloops, sailing yachts, canal boats and small cabin cruisers. Over the course of many years, these engines have proven both their quality and reliability. Now, due to the unique new features, they run substantially cooler and quieter than ever before.

VH-LINE: The VH-line engines are sturdy, reliable naturally aspirated units and are suitable for all kinds of applications, such as cabin boats, small fishing boats and larger canal boats. These engines have low noise and vibration levels due to their robust construction. They are also highly fuel efficient.

VF-LINE: This range of modern "common-rail" diesel engines is suitable for planing and semi-planing high speed boats. They are compact, reliable, light weight and very fuel efficient. The power-to-weight ratios are excellent and are combined with high torque outputs. Due to the small overall dimensions, they are ideal for replacing existing petrol (gasoline) engines. Available with either a choice of reversing gearboxes or a sterndrive.

VETUS D-line engines are ideal for heavy displacement boats. They are slow running and exceptionally smooth, making them the engine of choice   where long distance cruising is involved. Based on high quality Deutz blocks, they are exceptionally reliable and durable. In addition, VETUS D-line engines with EMR (electronic motor regulation) are especially suited to power hydraulics applications on board.