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Windlasses & Anchors

Maxwell Anchoring Solutions
A carefully selected and properly installed anchoring system aboard your boat is of paramount importance in ensuring the safety of your vessel and crew. There are a number of factors involved in selecting the correct windlass and other ancillary anchoring equipment specifically suited to your type of boat. Every boat is unique and what may be suitable on a 15 metre power boat may not be appropriate for a 15 metre sail boat. If you plan to use an all chain rode you will need to consider options that may be different than if you are using a combination rope/chain rode. You must consider whether a vertical windlass (with or without optional capstan) or a horizontal windlass is your best option. On larger vessels, two windlasses (port and starboard) are often installed and, in addition, these larger vessels frequently fit stern handling capstans.

Ancillary anchoring equipment such as footswitches, helm station controls, rode counters, dual direction solenoids, circuit breaker/isolators, chain stoppers and swivel shackles are other key components of a total anchoring equipment solution. All you have to do is order you new anchoring equipment at Vetus-Online!
Once you have ascertained and purchased the anchoring equipment which best suits your vessel, proper installation and regular routine servicing are essential for years of trouble free use. A suitable battery and proper wiring are crucial for optimum performance of your windlass and/or capstan. Maxwell can provide the ideal anchoring equipment solution for any vessel. Maxwell's world-wide network of distributors and agents offer free and helpful advice should you have any questions. Alternatively, a wealth of additional information can be found on Maxwell's website:

An Introduction to Maxwell’s Products
To make the proper selection in anchor-handling equipment it is important to give careful consideration to the style and size of boat, the anticipated anchoring conditions, and the weight and type of ground tackle. Maxwell has an extensive range of windlasses for all types of ground tackle, bow configurations, locker spaces and power requirements including:
• The vertical stainless steel RC Series and the horizontal HRC Series automatically handle rope/chain combination rodes and are suitable for boats
  from 4.5 metres (15 feet) up to approximately 22 metres (75 feet).
• The evolutionary RC12 Series automatically handles rope/chain combination rodes and is suitable for lighter displacement vessels up to      approximately 24 metres (80 feet).
• The multipurpose VC (Vertical Capstan) Series, which can be used for all types of line handling.
• The traditional rope and chain VW (Vertical Windlass) Series, designed for manually handling a rope and chain combination anchor rode joined by a
  conventional shackle and eye splice. The exception being the hybrid VW10.
• The VWC (Vertical Windlass/Capstan) and HWC (Horizontal Windlass/Capstan) Series, which handle chain only rodes automatically.

Vertical systems have several advantages: They take up less space on deck and are easier to maintain. They are less expensive than equivalent horizontal models. Chain, or rope/chain alignment with the bow roller, while not as critical as horizontal windlass alignment, should be within a tolerance of about +/- 2 % for smooth retrieval of chain or rope/chain. Rode (rope/chain) alignment with RC Series winches is more critical (consult Owner's Manual). With vertical systems more chain is in contact with the chainwheel thus minimising the possibility of chain jump. Line-pull
on the warping drum can be in any direction, as opposed to fore and aft only on horizontal models.
Horizontal models have the advantage of being better suited to applications where there is extreme deck thickness (over 200mm - 8”), limited below deck accessibility or when two anchors must be handled from one winch. Maxwell rates its anchor winches at the stall load. The loads that the winch will normally be subjected to are substantially less. Each winch is available with a circuit breaker/isolator ofappropriate size to provide electrical protection during normal operation of the winch. Vetus-Online has just what you need + great expertise and quick delivery! Maxwell capstan winches and anchor windlasses fitted with capstan drums are manufactured with Maxwell's fluted stainless steel design to ensure the best possible grip and control of rope lines or rodes. Maxwell products are distributed and supported worldwide by an extensive service network.